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A family oriented guild that raids.
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 I tip my hat to you friends..

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PostSubject: I tip my hat to you friends..   Thu 14 Jun 2007, 10:13 am

Let me begin by saying, that I will always be your supreme overlord master jesusgod-but I feel now would be an appropriate time to wish you all a farewell..At first there was a mutual dislike of the Wanker but we all know you can't resist my sexy charm forever (COUGHLACERTAYOU'RESTILLAMANIRLBECAUSEYOUHAVEAPENISUNDERYOURDRESSKK)
All sillyness aside, it's been a blast trolling guild chat and i'm glad to say the only raiding experience i've ever had was with you fine folks..and on that note I shal

Tip my hat to you all....

Sincerely your overlord master Jesusgod,


P.s. Heres a list of people I hate

Moriok "The Seacow Jones"
Lacerta when shes off of her meds..?


Funky, if you ever want your toes seckses up Fox and I offer a 2 for 1 deal..Gimme a holla on the mobile yo
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I tip my hat to you friends..
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