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 Grizz Mining and Jewelcrafting

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PostSubject: Grizz Mining and Jewelcrafting   Sat 07 Apr 2007, 4:01 pm

mining is maxxed

367/370 JC

If ya Email me in-game, ill make some jewels to fill the holes in your armour. they may not be the best, but at least it will be something. you can always put a gem OVER a gem, it just destroys the one that is there. just put something like....

warrior, tank - +def or + strength yellow x1 red x2
and the name of the toon to send it to.

if i got that email, i'd prolly send 6 gems, to give ya some choice. dont send extra gems back. i got about 100 of the smaller gems and 12 of the larger ones, and im getting recipies from instance runs not AH (too expensive). If you have gems that ya want me to turn for ya let me know.
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Grizz Mining and Jewelcrafting
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