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PostSubject: Defense   Sat 07 Apr 2007, 3:23 pm

Stole this from a Warrior guild, but ill give him credit CIDERHELM king

" Defense Skill
Dodge __________________ 0.04%
Parry __________________ 0.04%
Block __________________ 0.04%
Chance to be Missed ____ 0.04%
Chance to be Crit ______ -0.04%

Defense does not calculate added Defensive bonuses against same-level mobs until it reaches the baseline of your character. The baseline Defense can be found by multiplying 5 * Character Level; in the case of a level 70 Warrior, this is 350 Defense.

For Defense to effectively remove Critical Strikes from the combat table on higher-level creatures, you need to reach the 5% reduction according to the baseline of that creature. Creatures have a 5% chance to Critical Strike, so you would need to reach the Defense required for a level 73 player to reduce Critical Strikes by 5%. Since 125 Defense is equal to 5% Critical Strike reduction, you would add to the level 73 baseline of 365 -- your goal, then, is 490 Defense. Most "Skull" Elites are effectively level 73 creatures.

Crushing Blows (150% Damage normal attacks) are calculated with Defense in relation to the level of mob you are fighting. Crushing Blows can only occur from creatures 3 levels higher than you or greater; the chance to receive a Crushing Blow cannot be reduced below 15%. Defense beyond your baseline does not affect Crushing Blows. "

So basically we need 490 defense for tanking, that be the goal cheers

Something else, if ya read the Armour post and we mitigated 25k in damage and the mob cant Crit ya, you again increase the time your standing and tanking. It will take the mob longer to put the 300k damage on you if he cant Crit. Healers hate it when we get Critted for massive damage, 490 defense let's that heal land instead of "I almost got it off."
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