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 Prot spec for raiding.

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PostSubject: Prot spec for raiding.   Fri 06 Apr 2007, 10:39 am

Fellow warriors and guildmates. I have been tanking with grizz in kara for a few weeks now.
I can assure you that if your not well geared and have the proper tanking build you will perish in this instance.
We are learning the instance and I am learning how to pull the mobs. We will eventually run 2 and 3 kara raids teams. As long as we have the proper gear and specs to do so.
Grizz is awesome at the pulling and I am learning every time we go.
Run all those 5 man instances as much as possible to get the needed tanking gear. DPS gear will not help the cause when tanking in kara or grulls lair.
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PostSubject: To Drive the Point Home   Sat 07 Apr 2007, 2:46 pm

Two Protection Spec Warriors are a MUST to run Karatzhan. Prot spec completely removes DAMAGE from the HEALING table. The less healing required, the more mana we conserve, the longer we can stay up, the more Damage we can put on the target. DPS classes can benefit from NOT having to stop to heal, the healers have more time to concentrate on the group as a whole and less on two full time dedicated healers on one tank, again more DPS on the target.

The TANKS ability to MITIGATE damage (completely remove damage from the playing table), determines the outcome any end game raid instance.

To take a UNDER-GEARED tank into Karatzhan, Gruul's Lair or on a visit to Mag's Cavern is certain death for the entire raid. All of these instances have bosses and trash mobs that hit for over 10k. The group will not survive.

All the other classes are there for us. Seems like arrogant statement, but it is true. From the time we start a fight till the time it ends you are getting your ass kicked and they are there to keep you up, so the Mob can continue to pound your ass. What about a Rouge? It's the Rouges sole purpose to kill as fast as they can (some in our guild are very good at this). The sooner DPS can drop a boss the better, (while we control it). DPS is on the big boy timer, that is set by the tank. How long can you stay alive in your gear? How much pressure are ya taking off the healers? Why is there a stray trash Mob running around and you dont have concussion or taunt on a cooldown? Why cant ya generate enough Aggro to hold the boss??? Give the DPS enough time and the fight is over, we move on to looting.

With all that being said, please play your character as you see fit. It is a game and should be enjoyed. NOBODY will tell you to respec, or at least they shouldn't. Just dont start crying to get into a end-game raid without the proper gear. IF and only IF there is a spot, we would maybe think possibly of taking a Fury speced warrior in greans from VC to tank Karatzhan. (I wont go, but maybe ya can get some peeps that like to blow pots and get repair bills).

Druids aren't tanks, they CAN tank and some are very good at it, but they cannot MITIGATE damage as well as a Warrior. If you run a instance with a Druid tanking and are successful, two things have happened. 1. the Healer and the Druid are damn good. 2. Your prolly overgeared for the instance, move on.

Where's the good GEAR?

Karatzhan should be run in conjuction with the Heroic instances, NOT the normal instances. The design for the Expansion was thought out pretty well by blizzard. The 5-man instances are there to get ya ready and geared to progress...... (teaching CC, Aggro control, Survivability skills, etc...) Kind of teaching you to learn to play ALL of your toon, not just stand and DPS or spam sunders, but to get more involved with different talents and skills.

Example we all have seen: Standing in the Shattered Halls looking at 7-man pulls of 70 elites with just 5 in a group. they have 200k more hit points then you do and ya have to kill them all, oh ya they stun and fear. CRAP, is what i thought the first time. Now we Bitchslap them and move on. But during the fight we learn to play better, and these things will help later.

Right now we are transitioning into Karatzhan, we are under geared as tanks. So go hit up the first boss in all the Heroic instances, Reputation rewards, enchants, potions, etc to get the best available gear ya can for every pull.

Warriors start the fight, we are suppose to be mean by nature, Aggression is our friend and Rage is our weapon.
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Prot spec for raiding.
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